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I have recently completed some webinars with Merryn and they have been the most practical, enjoyable and interactive PDs I have ever done. The content was relatable, easy to implement straight away and the accompanying resources she sent through were extensive and clever! A lot of hard work goes into every session, it’s very organised and presented with great time management.

I also really enjoyed seeing other educators perspectives in the chat box!

Thanks Teaching Tools for Tots for putting some spark back into early childhood! 

I really enjoyed all aspects of the webinar. I really love the way resources have been emailed out to us so we have the ability to reflect back on information. I couldn't recommend any improvements. For myself, it was over too fast. (Educator)

Thanks so much. I have been doing a few webinars lately and found the resources and information from yours to be fantastic- receiving resources to get back into numeracy skills is so helpful and hands on examples always assist in planning and reflecting.


I absolutely loved how informative the seminar was; with useful and visualised strategies and activities to use within the classroom. As well as suggestions to help accommodate and differentiate. One area of improvement could be having the seminar a fraction earlier for those who have worked a long day etc.


Thank you for providing these webinars for educators...I’ve been teaching for over 20 years in LDC and now a preschool , and I find it’s always great to refresh my learning & to find new simple ways to provide skills for each child.  😊


I thoroughly enjoyed last night. I gathered heaps of information and the activities are awesome. We played the smash game today and one of my 2.5 year old day care children demonstrated an understanding of what to do😀 by counting the dots of the di using one finger and pointing at each dot, clever little munchkin😀

Such a great topic and different to other webinars I have done. I honestly can’t wait to use the games with my pre schoolers. I have ordered my dice from eBay and I know the kids will love this. Thank you for giving me some motivation in this very different and difficult year in early childhood education.

I love getting fresh ideas to introduce in my room and am very keen to try out some of the new activities that were presented. I liked the idea of the children's input and participation with the development of the manilla folder game as promoting ownership may encourage some children who may otherwise avoid similar activities become more involved.

Thankyou to Merryn from Teaching Tools for Tots for running a great Language Literacy and Numeracy workshop last night! Thankyou also to all of the educators and parents that attended. We learnt some great information on how to ensure children's lives were enriched in language literacy and numeracy through play based learning! 

Luisa-director of Laugh and Learn Early Learning Centre and mum

Parents and Carers


'I don't know how I would have assisted my son with his learning without the invaluable information conveyed in this workshop. I found the practical nature of the workshop great and not something I could have just learned through reading or Internet research. Highly recommended.'

I have attended both courses and have learnt some amazingly fun new skills and props, my daughter has loved all of the new activities and her grasp on words and numbers has really improved. I found these courses highly worth while and beneficial to both me and my daughter. Elisa- mum


I've been meaning to touch base to thank you and let you know how much I got out of your seminar. I bought Archie a new book today - about Dinosaurs digging holes!!- and I read it like you suggested. He loved it and really got involved. It actually surprised me how much he takes in. I'm going to start reading like that to Ned now, despite him only being 2 months old! Haha! Amy-mum 

I came along to your literacy session last week and I just wanted to say a big thank you. I have had fun implementing a lot of the things I learned, and my kids are loving the new challenges. The individual help you gave to me has allowed me to help my children in the areas they need most which is very reassuring. I got so much out of your session and would not hesitate in recommending it to any of my friends. Lisa-mum

Merryn, thanks for a stimulating literacy workshop.  After your workshop I am now inspired to read more and have put into practice what I have learnt and have since discovered enjoyment during bedtime story reading.  I was so surprised that there is so much more to literacy than just reading books.  You have provided me with 'tools' that make it so easy and enjoyable to encourage literacy with my three year old.  Your workshop was incredibly insightful and I'm looking forward to attending more of them. 

Thank you for a fantastic session this evening Merryn! So many fun & interesting techniques for 3-6 year olds. As a babysitter I am always looking for new and exciting ways to educationally interact with children. I will def be booking in for the literacy session. Looking forward to putting using my package with all the new games! Thank you so much! Little Humans Babysitting 


I recently attended TTT's Numeracy & Literacy Skills workshop for 2-3 year olds and came away so very inspired. Merryn is so knowledgable and gives you practical ways to incorporate play-based learning in your child's daily routine. You re-ignited my love for books ... thank you! 

Just a quick thanks to Merryn for the great ideas in how to introduce and enhance the literacy skills in my 4 year old, helping him to get ready for "Big" school. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and highly recommend Merryn as a fountain of knowledge and practical ideas! Looking forward to going to the numeracy course in June. Jacqueline-Occupational Therapist and mum


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